Hear how we’re helping our members navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in their practices

To our Website Guests:

I hope you are doing well. I know that the last few months have tested your limits and it’s amazing (but not surprising) how quickly many of you have adapted your practices to address this fast changing environment. We think of our veterinary community every single day and hope you’ll get through this without the virus getting too close to home

While we won’t be meeting in person for the remainder of 2020, we continue to meet monthly and are focusing on dealing with today’s challenges including the best technology and protocols for curbside appointments, communication while wearing a mask, and mental health and self-care. Early on, our Members quickly responded to changes required by Covid-19, sharing new scheduling, staffing, and communication protocols. Soon our focus will shift to strategies for the future as we look at the permanent changes to our practices, economy, and lives as a result of this pandemic.

Our Members’ support has been nothing short of amazing. We are all in this together as we face the future, whatever that may bring.

I hope you enjoy learning about the Well Managed Practice Groups and will contact us for more information.