Community, Mentorship and So Much More

WellMP Management Groups® believes that the right community and mentorship can make a world of difference when it comes to thriving in the increasingly demanding and competitive veterinary world.

We know that there is a spark that first attracted you to veterinary medicine, but sometimes, this spark can be dampened by the daily challenges of practice ownership.

Our WellMP community helps to ensure that when challenges arise, you aren’t alone.  There is no better way to address your ever-evolving needs as a practice owner than through peer-collaboration with like-minded practice owners.

Our Management Groups are intentionally designed to be small, consisting of no more than 20 members.  Each Group meets semi-annually to share insights in real time.  Meetings are designed to enhance every aspect of practice management while exponentially growing your resources.

When you join our growing community, you will enjoy a wide-range of benefits, including the following:
  • The fine tuning of your practice management and medical management.
  • The latest techniques and tools to enhance your practice from the ground up, including proven approaches to improving profitability, operational efficiency, human resource management, client relationships, and more.
  • The communication and education of all doctors and staff to achieve an outstanding work environment.  This not only benefits everyone working at the practice but also your clients and patients.  It is also a compelling draw for attracting the best and the brightest new doctors and staff.
  • A closely-knit community of practice owners who share your goals, dreams and passion for the practice of veterinary medicine.
  • The best and the brightest ideas from like-minded practice owners who openly share their experiences, success, and failures.  Learning from others’ experiences will help you avoid costly mistakes and misguided decisions.

We invite you to join our members and enjoy the benefits and comraderie of our WellMP community, and of course, the incredible satisfaction that veterinary practice ownership brings when you’re properly equipped to thrive within it.