Impactful Benefits For Practice Owners, Managers and Associates

If you are considering joining WellMP Management Groups® but have questions about the benefits and how to get started, we’ve compiled some concise and easy to follow information about our programs:

We emphasize wellness and want to keep veterinarians in the profession.

It’s widely known that mental health issues can plague a veterinary practice. Mental health and your work environment are important components of our WellMP Group work. They remain of primary importance as we assist you in developing and implementing new management techniques.

Corporately owned practices cannot join WellMP.

Our focus is the privately owned veterinary practice. Corporate practices simply don’t fit the vision of what we aim to accomplish within our WellMP Groups. Also, our members have learned specific strategies for addressing the challenges that arise when corporate practices move into their area.

We know that running your veterinary practice takes a team…

…so our inclusive approach includes key members of your practice. Practice managers are welcomed to join our Fall meetings and associates have their own meeting in November where we help them set goals for both their own professional growth and the growth of your practice.

Our holistic approach of inviting managers and administrators to our Fall meetings…

…reinforces the management strategies that you decide to implement after each meeting—ensuring that both owners and the management team are on the same page. By creating a place for team members from different practices to come together, there is tremendous networking and opportunities for collaboration. We leverage these opportunities and our members gain insights that otherwise just wouldn’t be possible.

We teach hard skills like HR, marketing, communications, financial management, team building and much more.

These skills aren’t taught in veterinary school, yet are vital for running a successful, modern practice. Our members, along with our consultants and professional speakers, provide guidance in all areas of practice management. There is no better way to learn than from sharing experiences and learning, first hand, what works and what doesn’t.

Gain access to the industry’s brightest speakers.

Our speakers are hand-picked and bring cutting-edge news and trends, both management and medical, to the forefront of our discussions. These thought leaders have years of experience, top notch reputations, and have been recognized globally for the work they do. We bring them straight to you for intimate discussions and learning opportunities.

Enjoy rebates with pharmaceutical companies.

While we don’t cite this as our predominant perk, it is something that helps members save money consistently. This is just another way we work to ensure that your membership comes with as many benefits as possible.

Our approach is both in-depth and hands-on, ensuring you meet your goals.

We do not simply give you good advice and turn you loose. In fact, we do quite the opposite. We nurture the process to help you maximize the benefits of your membership. You will gain access to our entire network of management tools and you will always leave your meetings with a set of goals and a plan of action to execute them. We believe that these deliverables make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a successful outcome. Between meetings, you’ll communicate via an online portal, get support from our consultants and your co-members, and have opportunities to measure your progress.

Members are known to eventually sell their practices at a high-value.

While we want you to sustain your career and enjoy it along the way, we know that everyone has a long-term game plan and retirement goal. By putting the right strategies in place to sustain growth over time, our members position themselves to increase the wealth of their practice and eventually sell it for maximum gain.

You don’t need to be “well-managed” to fit within the WellMP community.

If you’re currently experiencing a downturn, or struggling with growth, this doesn’t mean you’re not eligible to join WellMP. Our members are practice owners who are, or want to be, well-managed and who strive to practice the highest quality of medicine that their communities can support.

We welcome new members and make it as easy as possible to join one of our Groups.

While you may feel initially hesitant to join an established group within WellMP, it’s important to understand that at one time or another, we were all new members. Denise and I will take extra time to ensure that you are ready to participate in your first meeting. Our members warmly welcome new members and provide the guidance of their own experiences.

High-Retention is a testament to our success.

Our members stick around for the long haul. When we ask them why, each has a different answer. Some find that they have greater peace of mind since joining. Others have seen dramatic financial improvements. What’s most important is that membership brings the value and resources that our members have been looking for.

Invest the time, obtain maximum results.

You’ll find that our semi-annual meetings are not a task to add to the calendar. Instead, you’ll look forward to them. Joining a Group will take an investment in time. However, in exchange, you will see a return on your investment of time with tremendous skills and measurable results.

Form lifelong friendships.

Practice owners who join WellMP have plenty to talk about. While our members come from different parts of the country and may have entered the field for different reasons, the commonality they experience is at times overwhelming. When you join our community, you’ll find like-minded individuals who experience similar struggles and triumphs. Incredible friendships have been forged from within the WellMP community and we know that you’ll gain new friendships as well.

When business improves, quality of life improves.

With streamlined techniques to help your business run as a well-managed practice even in your absence and the committed support network of WellMP, you might just find that your quality of life improves faster than you first expected. While some techniques take time and we encourage patience in all our members, we have also seen incredible results that make practice owners happier people. Don’t just go to work each day; thrive at what you do and love each step of the way!

When practice owners have the support they deserve, pets and pet owners receive outstanding care and wonderful things happen as a result.

If you’re considering joining us at WellMP Management Groups®, we encourage you to make the leap. The benefits are plenty (just skim the list above and think about how even one of these points could enhance both your personal life and practice) and we’ve designed our membership to offer something for members of all types: owners, managers and associates.

Of course, if you have any questions, we welcome you to get in touch! Contacting us is easy via phone at (614) – 486 – 9700 or via email at

No matter what your goals are, it’s easier to accomplish them with the support of a community.

WellMP Management Groups® is dedicated to your success.